Curtains in Hyderabad

Let`s discover different fluences and trends in rugs, carpet, carpeting interior design ideas, explore the slightest distinctions between them.

Floral or Flower design curtains are the Best Selling Curtains. Even though, a lot of Interior Designers feel that the minimalistic design on curtains looks good, Indian family members love floral designs in curtains. It brings in the freshness to the room. One of the concern for customers is that the designs are not clearly visible in the day time because light falls at the back of the curtain. Blackout lining can solve this problem. Floral design is ever-green and does not change with time. Floral design in digital printed window curtains on Cotton or Polyester Satin cloth look bold in terms of colours. But a Polycotton jacquard fabric curtains are soft. Flower designs are very popular in embroidered silk curtains. Floral design on linen curtains bring out the richness to the place.

Solids or Plain curtains may or may not have a visible texture when you look at it. The fully plain curtains are either made be Cotton curtains, Linen Curtains or Polyester Satin curtains. When comes to texture in the curtains, it is usually Polycotton curtains or fully polyester curtains. In a contemporary design, these curtain fabrics are used to completely drape the window or it can be used as a combination fabric for Floral or Damask curtains. When used fully in the window or door, it looks very elegant and is the favourite choice of curtains for Interior designers and architects. Texture fabrics shines when light falls on them and giving a new dimension to the curtains and the interiors. Office Curtains and Café Curtains use Solid or Texture fabric.

An expert will inspect every facet of the curtains before and after cleaning to ensure that it comes back to you in pristine condition. We use state-of-the-art technology and modern machinery to clean the curtains effectively. At New Interiors, we use the highest quality dry cleaning processes, professional techniques, detergents and softened water, and treat each garment and fabric with the special care it requires.